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‘AeroNabs’ A New Inhalable Protection Against Our Current Pandemic?

A team of scientists at UCSF have engineered a completely synthetic molecule that straitjackets the critical SARS-CoV-2 machinery that allows the virus to infect our cells causing the current pandemic.  This new technology will be a game change in halting the spread of COVID-19, as researchers around the world are working on finding a safe and effective vaccine.  Details of the research report is in a new paper, now available on the preprint server bioRxiv.  

The treatment called "AeroNabs" is an aerosolized formulation that will be in the form of a nasal spray or inhaler to be used once daily.  Since it is a nasal spray or inhaler, it can be self-administered easily.  AeroNabs could provide powerful protection against COVID-19 until a vaccine becomes available, or it can be used in conjunction with a vaccine.  Clinical trials will be underway soon and the researchers hope to make it readily available to the public as an inexpensive preventative treatment for COVID-19. 

AeroNabls will be an effective molecular form of PPE that could serve as a powerful and reliable line of defense against COVID-19 used togetehr with physical PPE and social distancing and wearing mask to decrease transmission of the virus.



Dr. Frances Mark, Pharm.D.

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