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Functional Medicine Introduces a Smarter Approach to Health Care

Getting the care you need — especially if you have multiple, seemingly unrelated symptoms — can be a challenge. More and more people are discovering functional medicine, a more integrated approach to health care that is one of the best ways to foster wellness and prevent and treat disease. 

At All Functional Health, your wellbeing is our priority. Jeffrey Mark, MD, and our compassionate care team specialize in functional medicine to provide our patients in San Ramon and Turlock, California, with optimal support for overall health and wellness.

To help you better understand the benefits functional medicine offers, we’ve curated this informative guide. 

What is functional medicine?

Functional medicine provides an integrative approach to health care. Instead of focusing only on your physical symptoms, functional medicine takes into account the whole person. In other words, it considers how your body, mind, and environment work together to promote wellness. 

As a patient-centered approach, functional medicine uses science and biology to determine the root causes of symptoms, medical conditions, and disease. The result is a health care methodology that’s comprehensive and effective. 

Why is functional medicine a smarter approach to health care?

Unlike the traditional Western approach, which focuses on managing your symptoms, functional medicine finds and treats the underlying cause of whatever is making you unwell. Dr. Mark considers all factors that might contribute to your condition, including physical assessment,  lifestyle, genetics, mental health, and more.

By caring for the whole person, not just the condition, functional medicine offers a more comprehensive approach to treatment and wellness. Recent research supports the benefits of functional medicine as it provides a way to find the root cause of many chronic conditions. 

What’s more? Because functional medicine is based on a patient-centric approach, your wellness plan is customized specifically for your needs. Treatment options make use of both Western and alternative therapies for the most effective care possible. 

How does a functional medicine appointment work?

If you’ve been a patient of traditional medicine, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the approach at All Functional Health. Dr. Mark takes time to get to know every patient so he can understand all aspects of your health, including your environment, lifestyle factors, genetic background, and biochemical makeup.

Depending on your needs, Dr. Mark may order several assessments to provide valuable insights about your health. The results help Dr. Mark create a customized treatment plan optimized for maximum wellness and health. These assessments may include:

  • Telomere testing
  • Genomic testing
  • Evaluations for heavy metals
  • Evaluations for toxin exposure
  • Autoimmune assessments
  • Gastroenterology assessments

Our goal at All Functional Health is to help you improve your quality of life and reduce your dependence on medications. Dr. Mark educates you about all of your choices to ensure your wellness needs are met. 

How can I learn more about the benefits of functional medicine?

If you’re interested in patient-centered, individualized care, functional medicine is the right health care approach for you. Our healthcare team works hard to make you feel comfortable and at ease, even when dealing with serious health conditions.

Dr. Mark makes patient education a priority, and he works with you to help you understand the best treatment and health maintenance options available for your unique situation. From sports medicine to stress management, All Functional Health can help you live your best life.

To learn more about functional medicine or to set up an appointment, contact the All Functional Health office nearest you or request an appointment online now. 

Jeffrey Mark, M.D.

All Functional Health

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