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Increase muscle mass, strength, and endurance with Epicatechin

Hi, It’s Jeffrey Mark, I’d like to talk you about Epicatechin which is a compound for building muscle strength, endurance, and vascular health. What is epicatechin?  Epicatechin is a biologically active compound. It’s found in trace amounts in green tea and dark chocolate and other fruits. It doesn’t have any significant side effects and is not a hormone and significantly improves body composition, namely, muscle mass, muscle endurance, and vascularity. Some research suggests that it has potential for better muscle building and endurance even without training. So how does it work? Myostatin is a protein and this particular protein limits the growth of muscles. So in other words, a certain set point. And if you have so much of this myostatin, then it limits the bulkiness of the muscle. So what  epicatechin   does is it  increases the level of a special protein that’s in muscle called fibrostatin. Fibrostatin inhibits myostatin, so that if you have less myostatin, then there’s less inhibition of the muscle mass, and you can have more muscle mass and also endurance and also increased vascularity. So who might benefit from  epicatechin  , older people that may be looking to restore muscle mass. loss with aging,  athletes that are looking to improve their strength, stamina, and muscle mass naturally. People with elevated blood sugar and insulin resistance because more muscle there is the effective uptake of blood sugar and there’s also direct effect with insulin resistance. People with higher cholesterol that are looking for natural alternatives also lowers cholesterol and as a strong antioxidant. People with decreased heart function, again because this increases muscle mass and muscle strength and endurance and people with arteriosclerosis or coronary arterial disease or other vascular type issues, which this improves as being a class of flavonoids. And there are other people as well that would benefit from these are just an example of six groups of people that would benefit from this compound. So here are some studies on Epicatechin . This one here is by Mari and describes improvement of the skeletal muscles correlating the fullest and the myostatin levels after eight weeks of resistance training. And I’ll summarize these studies as well. This is the effect of Epicatechin   on the modulators of skeletal muscle growth and differentiation on this study was done in Mexico. There is another study that looked at flavonoids in general and their properties from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. So some  studies show that there’s an increase in fibrostatin, which I mentioned in turn leads to a decrease in myostatin . After seven days of treatment, objectively documented, hand strength increasing by 7%, which did follow the ratio of the fibrostatin and myostatin levels, which looks at the ratio of plasma fibrostatin and myostatin levels, the fibrostatim will be higher as the myostatin levels get lower, and then increase in muscle mass. o where can you get it?   Epicatechin  is part of our anti-aging and regenerative medicine programs. We individualize these programs and a medical evaluation is recommended. This evaluation can evaluate the status of the kidneys and other types of things that may point to other therapies to increase muscle mass and sarcopenia. Also, athletes may require different personalized approach so you can contact us at, find us on the web at or call 925-736-9828  We recommend that the  Epicatechin   be produced from an FDA approved 503 B compounding pharmacy to assure purity, efficacy and safety. You can call us at 925-736-9828 or find us on the web or contact us through the email as outlined above. Online sources in general are to be avoided because they don’t offer pharmaceutical grade products or may contain harmful contaminants. And they’re probably not produced in a Current Good Manufacturing Practice facility that’s been certified by the FDA.  So for other  AFH  anti-aging and regenerative medicine programs, including the AFH peptide therapies, anti-aging and regenerative medicine programs, long COVID,  a course on optimizing your immunity,  AFH pharmaceutical grade effective and safe nutraceuticals and brain cognitive  medicine programs contact us at, find us on the web at or call 925-736-9828     So we’ve helped thousands of people on their journey of health and we look forward to helping you as well. So take care and stay healthy

Jeffrey Mark, M.D.

Helping clients with compassionate and comprehensive medical care for over 25 years with 4 board certifications in functional medicine, gastroenterology, internal medicine, and anti-aging/ regenerative medicine . IFMCP, ABIM Gastroenterology, NPAS Internal Medicine, ABAARM.

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