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Senescence and Aging


The senescent cells in our body are a major cause of aging

and age-related diseases. They are responsible for secreting a mix of potent inflammatory signals that causes havoc in our body, disrupting the immune system, causing chronic inflammation, damaging surrounding tissue

structure and function, and triggering other cells to become senescent as well. As we accumulate more senescent cells in the body, their negative effects steadily increase and cause a cascade of health problems as we age.


Medical conditions commonly associated with senescence include Glaucoma


Diabetes and associated complications

Diabetic fat

Pulmonary Fibrosis and many more.


Senolytics are treatments targeted at eliminating senescent cells in our body, and Senostatics are treatments that aim to modulate the pro-inflammatory process in senescence to delay the natural aging process and combat age-related diseases using the very latest in technology innovation. 


We offer a 3-month senolytic protocol followed by a 9-month regenerative medicine protocol to help you feel your very best.  Contact us today to schedule a meet and greet appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Mark, M.D. to discover what functional and regenerative medicine can do to transform your health. Call us today to request a meet and greet appointment with Dr. Mark and begin your journey to the best health of your life.






Jeffrey Mark, M.D.

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