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Supercharge Your Healing with BPC 157

Hi, it’s Dr. Jeffrey Mark. Today I’d like to talk to you about supercharging your healing with the peptide BPC 157. So, BPC 157 or body protective compound 157 is a peptide and it supercharges your healing. It does several things that are listed on this chart that we’ll go through the next few minutes. So what are peptides? Here is a short reminder. They are amino acids, which are the same components that make up proteins, only they’re shorter chains of amino acids, up to 50 and they have specific functions within the body. They can be used for cellular communication for us to tell the cells to repair, build, and to maintain. So BPC 157 can supercharge your healing. It’s actually part of the gastric juice in the body. And so your gastric cells can heal and recover from the acid environment with the BPC 157 present but it also works in other tissues such as muscle, tendons, and ligaments. It can be used in a variety of wounds including muscle to bone damage, tendon damage, or damaged ligaments. It can also be used to heal the digestive tract. It can be part of a healing process for leaky gut, irritable bowel syndrome, gastrointestinal cramps, Crohn’s disease, and it can protect the liver from damage from alcohol or antibiotics. It can promote traumatic brain injury as it can heal blood brain barrier type situations as well. So it’s centered on the fibroblast and promotes the ability for the fibroblasts to make collagen enzymes, construct the extracellular matrix involved with growth factors, and enable hyaluronic acid for repair. So BPC 157 also interacts with the nitric oxide system. So it can promote blood vessel building or angiogenesis and which promotes blood to reach injured areas and for positive wound healing effects. There’s also multiple growth factors involved including EG R1, which promotes extracellular matrix collagen formation. See the study below that references tendon healing with BPC 157. So BPC 157, as I mentioned, promotes and prevents gastric ulcers as well and also helps with the digestive function heals the gastrointestinal tract for helping leaky gut and also can play a role in helping with inflammatory bowel disease. So to summarize BPC 157 accelerates wound healing. It increases blood vessel growth. It protects endothelial cells and promotes blood vessel growth so that growth factors, stem cells and other reparative type components can reach wounded areas. It also stimulates growth factor generation, which promotes collagen and also repairs intestinal permeability or leaky gut, and can reverse short bowel syndrome and fistula. It also stimulates growth factor generation, which promotes the collagen and also repairs intestinal permeability or leaky gut and can reverse short bowel syndrome and fistula. So where can you get it? It’s recommended to get a medical evaluation as each individual situation is different, and BPC 157 can be part of a combined approach for healing. It should be obtained as a prescription from an FDA approved 503 compounding pharmacy to assure purity, efficacy and safety. We use BPC 157 as an injectable. It’s also available orally. The injectable effects of course are faster and more potent. BPC 157 is best used in conjunction with a personalized comprehensive regenerative medicine program, such as AFH  anti-aging and regenerative medicine programs that we have. So we’ve helped thousands of people in their journey of health and we’d like to help you as well. If you would like to learn more about AFH Peptide therapies or other  AFH  anti-aging and regenerative medicine programs including our course on optimizing your immunity, obtain  Immunedefense , Probio 350Probio PlusProBio 100ProBio 30 SBPomBioX, and ProBio Phyto (Rainbow) or participate in other brain cognitive medicine programs, contact us at, find us at to schedule an appointment, or call (925) 736-9828.  Take care and stay healthy.


Jeffrey Mark, M.D.

Helping clients with compassionate and comprehensive medical care for over 25 years with 4 board certifications in functional medicine, gastroenterology, internal medicine, and anti-aging/ regenerative medicine . IFMCP, ABIM Gastroenterology, NPAS Internal Medicine, ABAARM.

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