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Thymosin Alpha One: Optimize Your Immune System

Hi, it’s Dr. Jeffrey Mark. Today I’d like to talk to you about Thymosin Alpha One peptide to optimize your immune system. Thymosin Alpha One is used to optimize your immune system and optimize immunity.   So what are peptides? Peptides are short-chain amino acids less than 50 in size and they’re found naturally in the body and are basically the same building blocks as proteins.  Particular chains of amino acids can be created and isolated to do very specific things.  These peptides bind to cells and tell the cells to do specific functions that naturally with the ability to rewrite body chemistry. They can promote restoration. and growth. They can also promote hemostasis or a steady state in the cellular matrix.  Thymosin Alpha One also has healing benefits that have been unequaled in the past.  Thymosin Alpha One is derived from the thymus gland, which is quite prominent in infancy and childhood but decreases in adulthood.  By age 80 is hardly seen and this could occur because of toxins, overuse and other stressors on the immune system over time. Thymosin alpha one, which can be abbreviated as  TA1,  helps the innate and adaptive immune response. Therefore useful in coping with infectious diseases and inflammation, both for autoimmunity and for inappropriate inflammation and cancer, to augment vaccinations, and to help with immune deficiencies. These are the list of things that the Thymosin Alpha One has been shown to benefit those that have ongoing or recurrent Epstein Barr Virus or other high viral loads. This can activate the immune system to reduce those loads.

In Lyme Disease, because of difficulty in the body to clear the Lyme and the other symptoms associated with Lyme disease including Bartonella and mold, cancer of any type, hepatitis or inflammation of the liver, various autoimmune conditions, the flu or cold or any viruses.   TA1 augments T cells to clear these viral particles in the body. It also boosts your immune system to react to the vaccine that’s given to make more antibodies.   And to be more precise, TA1 plays a role in anti- aging as well.  As I mentioned before,  people that have larger thymus glands tend to be physiologically younger, and their immune systems are functioning at a more younger, efficient age than their chronological age.  It also decreases inflammation in neurodegenerative diseases such as  multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and ALS.   There was a product called Adatctin which had thymosin alpha one as the main ingredient, and it was approved by the FDA in 2013.  It was  given an orphan drug status and was used for various indications including cancer.  Thymosin. Alpha One has been shown to benefit lupus patients,  patients with psoriatic arthritis, Hashimoto’s,  rheumatoid arthritis, all by observation of lower antibodies, which are presumably auto antibodies. The interesting thing about Thymosin Alpha One in many studies is that it actually has less side effects than placebo, or the “sugar pill ” or sham treatment that’s usually paired with the actual treatment to see what side effects can occur. So Thymosin Alpha One stimulates the T cells.   So if one wants to boost their immunity, especially during travel, it helps the cells in the plasma cells to develop. It also increases lymphocyte or white blood cell response to stimulating factors such as infection, or other necessary inflammatory responses. It decreases the production of proinflammatory cytokines so allows you to just use the T cells B cells and lymphocytes.  It also increases phagocytosis by neutrophils. These are specific white blood cells and also patrol in the bloodstream and tissues and normalizes immune balance in response so that it makes your immune system smarter, less likely to make auto antibodies and be more selective in responding to infections. It also normalizes immune dysfunction so that people with intestinal permeability are formed a lot of antibodies that normally do food items or partially digested food items that the immune system tends not to make more of those antibodies and it promotes TH2 to  TH1  shift. This is a different composition to deal with the innate immune system versus versus the antibody system so that you use more of the innate immune system. This shows different pathways out thymosin Alpha One does two it does ultimately end up stimulating a stem cell differentiation and CD four and CDA T cell population which are some of the memory and some of the T cells that make useful antibodies. These T cells have memory to pass antigen or infectious exposure. There’s another picture showing stimulation with the stem cells attacking tumor cells. So the thymus since they were discovered in the mid 1960s, by Dr. Goldstein at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. And he studied the role of fineness and immune system and found this whole class of biologically active peptides and they had a big role in immunity. And  found smaller peptides such as alpha one and diverse in beta four and found many clinical uses that these peptides could participate in. And he found that they could stimulate and suppress various aspects of the immune system and regulate cell motility. They could also influence brain cells and neurons, and they can repair remodeling of vessels of the heart and other injured tissue and they promote angiogenesis or the formation of blood vessels. So that stem cells and other types of cell mediated responses can get to the interesting areas. They found that the thymosin alpha one works with a killer and helper T cells as I mentioned above, they’re responsible for hunting down and destroying bodies. Cancer cells are very, very good at recognizing unknown mutated cells and bacteria and viruses have also been shown to clearly be involved with fighting infections. And they’ve also been helpful in the recovery from infection as well, because after the infection, there’s a cleanup phase that the immune system has to play so that there’s an offensive law. And then afterwards, there’s a defensive role that these white blood cells have to phages sanitize gobble up the will debris and other damage that has occurred after injury, both from the viral bacterial or whatever infection and they also have to actually remove the damaged or the debris from the battlefield, the site of infection. There’s also been use shown for hepatitis specifically hepatitis C, AIDS and cancer. There’s studies that show that there’s potential benefit for Lyme disease as well, which is very difficult to treat, and needed to treat in multiple stages and the immune system takes quite a hit so that it’s not just one particular problem with the line that may be reflective of other problems, which is also associated with mold and Bartonella. And other types of disease out there. It has been shown that alpha one has been able to eradicate bacteria in affected cells. It’s also been shown to down regulate the progression of melanoma and breast cancer, colorectal, and  lung cancer. Those that have been infused with thymosin alpha one do have higher survival rates. And it does help restore the immune system from those that have been suppressed with hydrocortisone or other steroids being used to treat other autoimmune diseases. These are the other benefits of thymosin alpha one. We mentioned tissue repair and healing inhibits viral replication as well as increasing stress intolerance, micro circulation is improved. There’s also improved immune defense, host defense against infection with antioxidant and glutathione production that increased in the presence of pharmacy alpha one, it does reverse the immuno suppression of Lyme chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and other types of chronic diseases that influence the immune system. That also reduces inflammation. They did find that it did prolong the lifespan of mice in the study Rosoff that looked at bio identical thymic protein which is essentially famous in alpha one that was injected in mice that started each 3.5 months. And it prolongs the mean lifespan by 20%.  These are the graphics again that summarizes all the benefits of thymosin alpha one and its effect on the immune system. So where can you get it? Recently Alpha One has been part of our anti-aging regenerative medicine programs and also our functional medicine programs in treating chronic disease, specifically, chronic inflammatory disease or autoimmune disease. It’s recommended that you get a full medical evaluation as there needs to be a personalized approach to using peptides and every individual has specific and different needs for different peptides in the correct order. And some people need detoxification before getting to the peptide thymosin alpha one that we use is compounded by an FDA approved 503B compounding pharmacy, which ensures purity efficacy and safety. This is two tiers above the usual pharmacy. There are pharmacies that dispense prescribed medications. There’s pharmacies that can modify medications, either from generic for dosing or frequency or amount. And these are compounding pharmacies or pharmacies that can deal with biological agents at the highest level, which is the fiber feed compounding pharmacy. So this is a third tier type pharmacy that we got our source of peptides. So thymosin Alpha One is best, as I mentioned, in conjunction with the personalized apprehensive regenerative medicine program, a functional medicine program, especially since it has great use in chronic diseases specifically autoimmune inflammatory diseases and also in the area of immune optimization. So we have helped thousands of people using anti-aging genomic medicine and functional medicine approaches. And we look forward to helping you as well. So you can contact us at, you can find us on the web and make an appointment at,  or you can call us at (925) 818-2785.So take care and stay healthy.

 Jeffrey Mark, M.D.


For information on AFH Peptide therapies, antiaging or other regenerative medicine programs including our course on optimizing your immunity, email, find us on the web at and make an appointment,  or call (925) 736-9828. We will be discussing more peptides and their benefits in future videos.  Take care and stay healthy.

Jeffrey Mark, M.D.

Helping clients with compassionate and comprehensive medical care for over 25 years with 4 board certifications in functional medicine, gastroenterology, internal medicine, and anti-aging/ regenerative medicine . IFMCP, ABIM Gastroenterology, NPAS Internal Medicine, ABAARM.

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