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Thymosin Beta 4 for Super Healing, Joint repair, and Inflammation

Hi, it’s Dr. Jeffrey mark. Today I’d like to talk to you about peptides, specifically thymosin beta four and its use in Super healing, regeneration of joints and inflammation. So what are peptides? Just a quick review of the short chain amino acids there’s less than 50 amino acids are naturally found and the building blocks of proteins but these particular amino acids are designed to augment specific functions within the human body. So the use of these peptides therapeutically, are to communicate with other cells. And they basically replace or mimic the function of the naturally occurring peptides and they can rewrite the body chemistry. They can promote restoration, rebuild, and rebalance. And there’s also healing that can occur as well, when these peptides communicate from cell to cell. So thymosin beta four is from the thymus gland. This is a picture of the thymus man and the thymus gland gradually shrinks as we age for most people. At age 80 It’s almost undetectable. thymosin beta four can be used for Super healing and regeneration. In that it’s good for wound healing. It accelerates healing from inflammation such as dry eyes, and really helps with muscle damage especially from the heart and can be also used for brain trauma. It’s prescribed for acute injuries after surgical repair and for muscle recovery in terms of for athletes. It’s also good to heal most heart muscles from cardiac injury. So this is an overview of thymosin beta four, it does cross the blood brain barrier, and it promotes generation of blood vessels to allow for stem cells and other blood products to reach the damaged areas for healing. It’s also used in anti-aging, autoimmune processes as well. It can be used in conjunction with stem cells and PRP or alone to regenerate tendons, ligaments and muscles. thymosin beta four is one of the first genes to be activated once an injury occurs. As I mentioned, it increases new blood vessel formation so that stem cells and other reparative type cells can reach the injured area. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, and can be useful for chronic infections such as Lyme disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, autoimmune disease, infections that are chronic in terms of joint pain and regeneration. It can come muscle spasms, improves muscle tone, increases the exchange of substances between cells, encourages tissue repair, stretches connective tissue helps to maintain flexibility and reduces inflammation in the joints encourages, as I mentioned, the growth of new blood vessels, increases endurance and strength and prevents the formation of adhesions. And fibers, bands, muscles, tendons and ligaments. thymosin beta four is increased trials for treatment for possible HIV, AIDS and influenza. It’s often prescribed for acute injury, surgical repair, and for athletes. It’s recently been shown to help regrow hair as well in conjunction with PRP or platelet rich plasma thymosin. Beta four has been part of our personalized comprehensive regenerative medicine programs. Programs helped optimize the results. A complete medical evaluation is recommended and thymosin beta four should be compounded from a FDA approved 503 B compounding pharmacy to assure its purity, efficacy and safety. So for more information on thymosin beta four or other regenerative medicine, peptide therapies, or other all functional health comprehensive personalized medicine programs, you can contact us at, find us on the web at, or call (925) 736-9828. We’ve helped thousands of people on their journey of health and look forward to helping you as well. So take care and stay healthy.


Jeffrey Mark, M.D.

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Jeffrey Mark, M.D.

Helping clients with compassionate and comprehensive medical care for over 25 years with 4 board certifications in functional medicine, gastroenterology, internal medicine, and anti-aging/ regenerative medicine . IFMCP, ABIM Gastroenterology, NPAS Internal Medicine, ABAARM.

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